Join FTM Alerts, Justin Bebis, 24 Dollars, Doublesharp, Nick Drakon and Crypto Clay as they discuss the week’s events from around the Fantom Eco-system.

The NFT focused episode! With Special guest MacePapa from ByteMasons.

0:00 Intro
1:44 Show Begins
6:45 Welcome MacePapa of ByteMasons!
9:50 Market Conditions = Saylor Syndrome
12:45 Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins
23:10 CoinFlex Pauses withdrawals due to large debt from “Bitcoin Jesus” aka Roger Ver
33:10 Overview the Fantom NFT Space – MacePapa Experience
1:02:15 New ByteMasons NFT Aggregator + Tooling Platform coming to Fantom
1:18:40 HyperChain Capital Triples Down On Fantom With An Additional $15 Mill VC Investment
1:30:30 New FDN Proposal: Fantom Ecosystem Support Vault
1:44:42 Fantom Metaverse & Overall Metaverse Thoughts

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