Famous Dex | Where Are They Now? | How Drugs Ruined His Life
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Renowned for his vocal dexterity, not mention his wicked improvisations and frenetic energy, Chicago rapper Famous Dex first made a name by producing a brand of hooky, Southern-influenced hip-hop music. After creating a handful of self-released mixtapes, he finally found chart success in 2018 thanks to his debut studio album, “Dex Meets Dexter”. Unfortunately, soon afterwards, he’d undergo a series of controversies and begin losing his battle with addiction. After numerous arrests in 2020, Dex would finally check into rehab at the end of the year. Less than a month later he was out and apparently clean, but shortly thereafter, Dex would begin reappearing on social media, clearly inebriated. Not only that, he’d find himself hit with 19 domestic violence and firearm charges stemming from the series of arrests. Want to find out how Dex avoided spending a potential 18-years behind bars? Then keep watching our newest episode of Where Are They Now!

Lil Xan | Where Are They Now: https://youtu.be/8bmBUmF_vqE

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