Easily create an NFT on Solana by using The Blockchain API.

This video contains all the info on how to get started, but if you already have a wallet with a balance, setting up the API call takes less than 60 seconds!

Code: https://github.com/BL0CK-X/the-blockchain-api/blob/main/examples/tutorials/create_nft_tutorial.py

The Blockchain API Docs: https://docs.blockchainapi.com/
— Create NFT Endpoint: https://docs.blockchainapi.com/#operation/solanaCreateNFT
The Blockchain API Dashboard: https://dashboard.blockchainapi.com/
The Blockchain API Website: https://blockchainapi.com/

The Blockchain API GitHub Repo (Feature Requests Welcome!): https://github.com/BL0CK-X/the-blockchain-api

The Blockchain API Discord (Join!): https://discord.gg/d49yzrZRAF

Solana CLI Instructions: https://docs.solana.com/cli/install-solana-cli-tools

0:00 Intro to the Video
0:37 Setting up the API with API Keys
1:32 Creating a Secret Phrase
3:34 Derive the Public Key
5:51 Get the Balance of an Address
7:15 Get the Estimate Fee for Minting a Solana NFT
8:14 Airdropping 1 SOL on the Devnet
9:13 Checking Balance After Airdrop
9:33 Minting the NFT
14:02 Reviewing the NFT Mint Response and Data

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