It was a long night and a crazy mint. In today’s video, I share my experience with the Corrupt Catz drop and my concerns about Solana NFT Drops.
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0:00 Introduction
4:55 Patience is the Key
6:44 The 1st rule of Investing
8:08 Don’t Panic
9:15 Communication is Key
11:38 The Audacity of it!
13:14 In it for the Long-run
14:48 Still here for the Community
18:00 A Message to new NFT Collectors
19:58 Let Get Educated about the NFT Space
25:51 An Important Word for Buyers
27:00 Clips from the Audio Voicechat


Sharing what I find on my personal Blockchain journey with step-by-step guides on how to find and invest in potential Crypto/ NFTs gem’s.

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