Are you looking for the next big thing in the NFT space? Well, this might just be it. In this video you will see a full research report on Dreamland Genesis, a potential gem in the NFT space!

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From the Dreamland Genesis website:







The year is 2087. A profoundly advanced research center has made a world changing discovery. The ability to observe dreams. This new scientific breakthrough was astounding, challenging the limits of what was before believed possible and a monumental step in the psychological study of dream therapy. As all new scientific breakthroughs do, this became commercialized, capitalized and commonly used as a device known as a โ€˜Dream Catcherโ€™.

Every time a dream was extracted into the catcher and observed a fraction of the subconscious manifested into reality. Soon this โ€˜Dream Essenceโ€™ became too much for the realms of reality to bind together and caused the boundaries between worlds, time and reality to slowly shift, crumbling until humanity was merged with the vast and unknown subconscious realm. A realm is known simply as… The Dreamland.


Dreams, in essence, are a state of consciousness that occurs during sleep. During this state the brain can create sensations, thoughts and images from all areas of your subconscious and imagination. From this state of consciousness, Dreamers are born.

The Dreamers are a collection of 10,000 unique Genesis NFTโ€™s. These Dreamers are a lot more than just an attractive PFP and awesome avatar. Dreamers personify ownership, innovation and the desire to construct a diverse and unique community-driven infrastructure. By owning a Dreamer, you become a voice and advocate to participate in the development and direction of this project.

Each and every detail, from minor to major, has been meticulously and vigorously hand illustrated and perfected by our artist. Without AI.

Immerse yourself within the Dreamland. Join our community and become a leader, collaborator and observer to what awaits us all in this superlunary world.


Our Vision ultimately revolves around empowering our community through innovation, collaboration and creating mutually beneficial opportunities together. Our ambition is to launch a fully immersive, scalable NFT project that will eventually evolve and branch off into other creative mediums. We aim to become forefront leaders and innovators within the development of Web 3.0, fully equipped for mass adoption as it fast approaches.

We believe in empowering the Dreamland community by integrating fellow Dreamers, utilizing our combined skills and knowledge to further roadmap advancements within our dynamic ecosystem. Our venture within the virtual space ultimately has one goal, forging The Dreamland Private Sanctuary โ€“ A Dreamers digital home.

What can I do with my Dreamer?
Purchasing a Dreamer would give you full ownership and commercial rights over the NFT. Basically, you can do whatever you want with it! It also makes you a member of the Dreamland community, where there will be multiple benefits as we set off different milestones in the roadmap and begin rolling out our roadmap deliverables.

100% Whitelist?
The Dreamland Genesis Project will opt for a full whitelist launch, with no public sale. Our reasoning for this is to minimize the gas that our community would be exposed to during minting if otherwise left without whitelist.

How do I get Whitelisted?
Whitelist slots are given out in the community through discord, twitter and to event winners or participants! There’s no fixed rule! Just by having an amazing time and by making another Dreamer’s day – you could win Whitelist!

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