The doodles NFT is a profile picture project. In this video I will explain the timeline, starting from mint to Space Doodles and ending with the recent SXSW event.

I will also talk about the founders:
poopie, Evan Keast and burnttoast.

The team behind the Space Doodles:
Alfie Motion, Bandit, Varoon, John Bowers, Protein, Vainglorious, DeepBlueSteve, NFTSantana.

The video goes in detail on the doodle art and rare traits, aswell as the custom doodles which are handdrawn by burnttoast himself. Plus ofcourse all the different types of doodle spacecrafts and their stats.

The video ends with the Doodle SXSW event where holders could claim their free doodle golden ticket. At the event you could also buy some exclusive doodle merch. Some really cool people attended the event such as Beeple, NateAlexNFT and many more. At the end there was an exclusive after party for doodle holders with Diplo as the DJ.

00:00 Intro
00:19 Doodles
00:57 Evan Keast aka Tulip
01:15 Jordan Castro aka Poopie
02:33 Scott Martin aka Burnt Toast the artist
02:55 Doodle traits
04:20 Custom Doodles
04:42 DoodleDAO & DoodleBank
05:39 Space Doodles
08:55 Space Doodles Team
10:04 Doodles SXSW

#Doodles #SpaceDoodles #DoodlesSXSW

– Flaneur Riche

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