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He distributes his allocations evenly throughout the drop and buys at both the highs and lows. At -40%, there’s no doubt that his losses remain high. However, think about what it would take for Bob to break-even.

At a $33,500 entry, Bob needs a 67.5% rise to reach his entry from the lows. At $47,000, he needs 135%. That’s double the previous amount!

Remember, DCA negates all volatility, both good and bad.

DCA: The Best Way to Stack Sats

From another perspective, dollar cost averaging is an effective way to stack sats. Some investors pay no heed to Bitcoin’s dollar value. Instead, they focus on accumulating as many coins as possible. And who can blame them? The store of value asset has a great track record of achieving new all-time-highs past each halving.

Holding 10 BTC might have been nothing during March 2020 when Bitcoin crashed to $3,000.

Dollar cost averaging crypto calculator

of ‘timing the market.’

  • Lowering your risk because you’re not investing at a single price point.
  • Providing beginners with a helpful way to evaluate the market without ‘going all in’.
  • Keep emotions out of the decision process since it’s a ‘set and forget’ investment strategy.
  • It gives investors a way to build savings and grow the wealth that they already have, while also introducing a good habit of regular investment savings that add up over time.

    It’s important to note that DCA doesn’t eliminate the possibility of investment risk or loss if the crypto asset goes down indefinitely (not just with a bear cycle) or the project fails.

    Dollar cost averaging crypto

    The defining characteristic of DCA is that you purchase a coin or token on a regular schedule, at a constant price, regardless of value.

    Since the amount you spend is constant, you will buy more coins when the price is low but fewer coins when the price is high. DCA is considered to be low-risk since it allows you to ease into the market over time rather than spend a huge chunk of money at once.

    For example, you can use this strategy to commit to buying $20 worth of XRP every month for five months. In the months where XRP is low, you will purchase more tokens with your $20.

    On the other hand, in the months where XRP is high, you will buy fewer tokens. At the end of the five months, you would have purchased $100 worth of XRP at a specific average price.

    Using this method, you can buy significant amounts of cryptocurrency with little impact on your bank account.

    Dollar cost averaging crypto reddit

    DCA helps to reduce risk but can make it less likely to generate large profits (when compared to strategies of timing the market cycles or trading).

    However, for time-conscious investors, it provides more options to buy at different prices without being bound by FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

    Crypto-Cost Averaging

    There is a lot more volatility in the crypto market right now than there is in regular markets. As a result, digital assets appear to be even better suited to dollar-cost averaging than traditional stocks and funds.

    The more severe the highs and lows, the more likely traders are to be influenced by and act on emotions.

    Dollar cost averaging crypto strategy

    Decide how much money you’re willing to allocate to your crypto portfolio. You don’t have to dream big. The average retail portfolio amounts to only $10,000. It may not be enough to retire, even in the crypto world,but it’s just enough to make a huge difference for your finances.

    You might even want to think about spending portions of your salary on crypto.

    Use Bob’s scenario from the section above and customize it according to your situation.

    The third and last step boils down to picking a fixed buying interval. When do you want to buy and how regularly? Most investors buy on a weekly level. Some prefer buying every other week in alignment with their paycheck.

    Dollar cost averaging cryptohopper

    This leaves us with the following entries:

    1. 25 Apr – $49,600
    2. 9 May – $58,410
    3. 23 May – $35,500
    4. 6 Jun – $35,200
    5. 20 Jun – $34,900
    6. 4 Jul – $34,750
    7. 18 Jul – $31,400
    8. 1 Aug – $40,200
    9. 15 Aug – $46,250
    10. 29 Aug – $48,500
    11. 12 Sep – $45,100
    12. 26 Sep – $42,000
    13. 10 Oct – $54,500
    14. 24 Oct – $60,700

    On average, we enter the market at $44,072.

    Remember, if we spent $10,000 in one go, we’d buy Bitcoin at $49,600. But since we used DCA, we lowered our entry to $44,072. That’s 11% lower. Not to mention, we avoided the stress of holding an underwater position for six-months.

    But what about our profit? If we sell at the last interval, we are up 40% and have $14,000.

    Dollar cost averaging cryptocurrency

    By the year’s end, Bob’s investment turns into $7,000, gaining roughly 32%.

    If Bob had replicated the same strategy a year earlier, he would have been up 103% after turning $5,300 into $10,782.

    And if he was ambitious enough to resume DCA-ing, Bob would have turned $10,700 into $39,147 for an incredible 272% gain.

    The examples above show that DCA is a gift that keeps on giving, but it’s not just the upside you have to think about.

    Dollar Cost Averaging During Bear Markets

    What if Bob entered a market on the brink of collapse? Let’s imagine a scenario where Bitcoin drops from here on out. A bear market starts, and cryptocurrencies dive back into old lows. Digital gold drops from $47,000 back to the previous all-time high at $20,000.
    That’s a 57% loss, a rather healthy correction.

    Under ideal circumstances, DCA lowers Bob’s entry down to $33,500.

    Dollar cost averaging crypto example

    What Is Dollar-Cost Averaging?

    Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is a strategy for reducing the risk of purchasing a cryptocurrency with large price volatility. It works by investing a predetermined amount and spreading purchases at regular intervals, regardless of the asset price at each interval.

    For example, instead of buying $10,000 of Bitcoin in one purchase today, one might spread the lump sum into buying $100 of Bitcoin weekly, regardless of the cost on the day. Sometimes you will be able to purchase more crypto, other times less.

    Dollar cost averaging crypto app

    Dollar-cost averaging is a low-risk investment strategy. It involves dividing up the total amount you want to invest in a crypto asset and making incremental purchases over a period of time. This investment technique aims to reduce the impact of cryptocurrency price volatility on the overall purchase.

    During dollar-cost averaging, you invest a fixed amount of money into a crypto asset at regular intervals regardless of the price.
    At the end of the specified period, you would have bought the coins or tokens at an average cost.

    This method prevents investors from making the mistake of making one lump-sum investment that may be poorly timed depending on the asset price.

    This technique is also known as the constant dollar plan.

    A Deeper Look at this term

    Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is a conservative approach to investing in cryptocurrencies.

    Dollar cost averaging crypto spreadsheet

    Consider the benefit and crypto portfolio you would have today if you had been investing $50 in Bitcoin every week for the past 5 years: You would have invested $13,050 but be holding $177,000 in Bitcoin today.

    And, if you had been investing $50 in Ethereum every week for the past 5 years? You would have invested $13,050 but be holding $570,000 in Ethereum today.

    Without spending any time trying to choose what time to buy!

    Check out this calculator to see how much you may earn through long-term DCA with crypto.

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