Doge Citadel is an NFT collection living in the solana blockchain. Our goal is to become one of the blue chips collections in the Solana Ecosystem and provide as much value as possible to all token holders.

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10% – Some of our early adopters will randomly be chosen and airdropped a free doge.

20% – We ramp up our Discord and social media management, which will include a pack of community managers and moderators to bring our Doge community to the moon.

40% – A donation fund will be established and with the help of the community, we will decide on a charity that is a good partner for our project. With the project, we want to bring together a community of doge and dog lovers.

60% – Community fund is launched. Create, design, develop, or build something that the community values (e.g. extra utility for the doges, additional art, memes, etc.) and receive funding from The Doge Citadel team.

80% – We will make Doge citizens ready for Sandbox metaverse and other metaverse platforms like NetVrk.

100% – An exclusive Doge Citadel merch line will drop. These will be hats, T-shirts, and apparel for your real-life dogs!

Future development roadmap

After all doges have been minted – 50% of all revenue collected from secondary sales, merchandise sales as well as any additional revenue from future projects, will be redistributed to the community forever.

One long-term venture we will focus on is a video game or Doge Arcade. One of the games will be a Chad Doge-only street-fighter-style game with every Chad Doge as a playable fighter. Enter the ring and battle against other Chads to become the Chadiest of Chads! Level up your character, get new outfits, power ups and unlock exclusive content.

We are excited to build something extraordinary with you all and create a positive social impact. In the Citadel, every voice matters, and we encourage you to connect with us if you have any ideas on how we can make the Doge Citadel community the best NFT project out there

Our focus, for the time being, is having a successful sale and delivering on everything listed above. We don’t think it is a good idea to over-hype things for now.

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