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We have finally decided to list you all the benefits that AIKO will give:
– 1 Free AirDrop for each AIKO owned at the time of the release of each new Collection.
– Passive income on Merch sales which will be released in CRO in your Wallet every month, we have decided to release 100% of all our sales only to OG Holders, to have this role just Collect an AIKO NFT or AIKO Cards and Hold them, be active in our community and follow all the news in our Social Channels, always supporting AIKOSoicety and its Collectors.
– Free release for our Holders of a % of AIKOCoins once we list them!
– The Floor Price will always increase linearly, increasing the demand more and more and calculating that it is a Collection of only 1000 AIKO PFP
– Other surprises that we cannot say yet.
The difference in Rarity in AIKO is very important for Future Drops, the more AIKO Rare you will have, the more AirDrop you will have and based on the Rarity of the AIKO you are holding, you will receive an AirDrop of the same Rarity, pay close attention to this. We hope that with this you will understand how Precious it is and why the first AIKO Collection was not sold off.


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