defi project beanstalk loses million loan

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Beanstalk Governance Exploit | Beanstalk

DeFi Project Beanstalk Loses $182 Million in Flash Loan Attack – Bloomberg

Beanstalk cryptocurrency loses $182m of reserves in flash ��attack�� | Cryptocurrencies | The Guardian

Beanstalk cryptocurrency project robbed after hacker votes to send themself $182 million – The Verge



�֥�å��������˴ؤ��륻�����ƥ��ȥǡ���ʬ�Ϥ򰷤�PeckShield�ϡ�����Ԥ�������줿��ۤ�8000��ɥ�Ķ(��103����)�ǡ��ﳲ��ۤϤ����¿���ʤ�ȿ�ס��˥塼�������Ȥ�Bloomberg��The Guardian��The Verge�ʤɤ���ۤ�1��8200��ɥ�����(��233����)���󤸤Ƥ��ޤ���

Hi, @BeanstalkFarms, you may want to take a look:— PeckShield Inc. (@peckshield) April 17, 20221/ The @BeanstalkFarms was exploited in a flurry of txs ( and, leading to the gain of $80+M for the hacker (The protocol loss may be larger), including 24,830 ETH and 36M BEAN.— PeckShield Inc. (@peckshield) April 17, 20222/ The hack is made possible due to the flashloan-assisted (immediate) pass of BIP18, which was submitted one day ago ( The BIP18 leads to the crafted code execution with the governance privilege to drain the pool fund.— PeckShield Inc. (@peckshield) April 17, 20223/ To illustrate, we use the hack tx and show the key steps below— PeckShield Inc. (@peckshield) April 17, 2022

�֥ե�å�����פ��Ѥ�������Ϥ��Ǥ�ʣ������𤬤����Τǡ�2021ǯ8���DeFi�ץ�åȥե����ࡦCream Finance��30���������»����Ф��Ƥ��ꡢ2021ǯ��Ⱦ�����Ǥ����520����������ﳲ���ФƤ��ޤ���

30��������β����̲ߤ�ϥå�����DeFi�ץ�åȥե����फ����߽Ф���Ʊ�ͻ�����ﳲ�ۤ�520����Ķ�� – GIGAZINE


4/ The initial funds to launch the hack are withdrawn from @SynapseProtocol and most of the result gains are deposited to @TornadoCash. Currently 15,154 ETH still stays in the hacker��s account. Note the hacker donates 250k USDC to Ukraine Crypto Donation.— PeckShield Inc. (@peckshield) April 17, 2022

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