My guests today are Josie, Ben and Chris. This is a special episode because not only is Josie my wife, but she is also creating a project called Cyberbrokers, which is a series of 10,001 fully on-chain art collectibles. CyberBrokers serve as the foundation for an entire ecosystem that is going to be part story, part game and part experience.

It is incredible to hear the team’s story as not only are they all OGs, but they have created this elaborate backstory that explains the lore of the CyberBrokers universe and really brings the project to life. It is also exciting to see how they are pushing the technical boundaries of NFTs by putting assets with exceptionally high-level of detail, on-chain.

It is always amazing speaking with teams of this caliber and I look forward to watching what they build going forward

Also Josie wanted me to remind everyone that the last day to sign up for the CyberBroker allowlist is Feb 18, midnight. Its open to all and anyone can sign up

Please enjoy my conversation with Josie, Ben and Chris.

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