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Cutie Quirks spreads love, joy, and inspiration with a bit of twisted fun. Super cute NFT designer toy collection is available at OpenSea. Premium non AI generative 3D art at a good value that will last a lifetime on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each character has been carefully designed to look super cute to give that nostalgic childhood feeling. All brought to life with realistic rendering touches, beautiful vibrant colours conveyed in a fun lively form.

NFTs are 1/1 edition with various characters distinguished by their costume, face features, hairstyle, and colours. Currently, there are six characters in Series 1 and each of them can only mimic a particular species once.

Cutie Quirks No.13 to 18
Happy Cutie Monkey – No. 13
Humble Cutie Horse – No. 14
Poppy Cutie Tiger – No. 15
Sweet Cutie Pig – No. 16
Wise Cutie Cat – No. 17
Brave Cutie Tiger – No. 18

Series 1: Animal Friends
Designed by Superfinity

NFT Collection on OpenSea

Project Info: https://www.superfinity.art/cutiequirks
Collectors List: https://www.superfinity.art/cutie-quirks-collectors
Follow Twitter: https://twitter.com/superfinity

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