CrypToadz NFT collection by Gremplin | Trading volumes and sales | How to buy CrypToadz. The CrypToadz NFT collection has been recently ranked the #2 NFT on OpenSea, leaving behind the infamous CryptoPunks. What is so special about these pixelated amphibians and how can you add them to your collection?

CrypToadz is a series of 6,969 NFTs, which are ERC-721 pixelated toad collectibles created by the digital artist Gremplin. Each NFT Toad has unique features: accessories, clothes, custom body, background, head, eyes, mouth and name.

Watch the full video to learn more about the CrypToadz collection.


👉 CrypToadz explained
👉 The Toadz’ creator – Gremplin
👉 Sales and pricing information about the CrypToadz NFT collection
👉 Guide on how to add a CrypToadz NFT to your crypto art collection
👉 Trading volumes and sales statistics for CrypToadz NFTs
👉 Why is the price so high?

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