Cryptox is a cryptocurrency-based app. Usrrs can use this coin management app to track cryptocurrency prices, charts, and market capitalizations. It has a clean interface and is super fast! It helps users monitor their portfolios and keep track of their investment.

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Advanced Features Incorporated In Cryptox:

Portfolio tracking allows you to manage your complete portfolio of cryptocurrencies that you buy and sell on exchanges like binance, uniswap, wazirx, kraken, kucoin, etc.
Wallet tracking allows you to track your cryptos such as bitcoin, ethereum, and finance that are stored in your wallet such as metamask, trust wallet, etc.
You can easily track the current value of your coins without opening multiple wallets.
Another unique feature of Cryptox is the NFT tracker where you can add an address and see all the NFTs belonging to that address in a beautiful-looking UI.
It’s is a leading cross-platform technology that enables developers to write a single codebase for both Android and iOS.
This helps in shipping apps faster than traditionally developing apps for individual platforms.

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