Are you looking for new NFT projects that provides a high level of utility and value for it’s holders? In this video we review CryptoHippos NFT.

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The CryptoHippo NFT and Watering Hole community has been founded with the core objective of serving as a communal resource. In the wild, Hippos are intelligent, tenacious, and loyal animals. They live in the watering hole, nourishing themselves from its sustenance. Other animals feed around the watering hole. Hippos are amongst the kings of the habitat though, spending time there consistently.
CryptoHippos aim to establish a community of CryptoHippos sticking together in the same manner. All CryptoHippos will drink from the watering hole and have a say in its activities. This whitepaper outlines the plans to build a decentralized communal business. A smart contract will govern 100% of the funds involved here, while all CryptoHippo NFTs will have participation rights in the ecosystem. Remaining minting proceeds after this phase of our roadmap will be used for future developments in the blockchain space, and more. CryptoHippos community members will receive preferred benefits over other users where possible in these later developments.

Utility excists off:
– Real estate investments
– $BTC & $ETH investments
– Metaverse expansion
– Charity donations
– Royalty income to holders (passive income)
– Giveaways (including Tesla)
– DAO style community

It is important to note that CryptoHippos team will use 20% of minting proceeds to kick off their operation. Funds will be governed using a smart contract that CryptoHippo NFTs have the right to participate in. This paper consists of propositions, as the final operational say will be down to a vote using this smart contract and token holders. They have focused in on ventures they see as good candidates for this community’s future.
They’ll operate in many ways, but their first objective will be to acquire real estate for the Watering Hole. Hippos need land to inhabit, after all. Other animals(people) will be able to feed from our community just like in the wild, but for a fee. This will manifest as a AirBnB rental business.
While real estate is somewhat of an active business with potential prospecting, renovations and upkeep, they will also engage in more passive activities. The Watering Hole will be brought to virtual life in the Metaverse by purchasing at least one parcel of land in Decentraland or Sandbox. Holdings in Bitcoin and Ethereum will also be a key diversification for the CryptoHippos community.
The rest of minting proceeds will be used to springboard founders efforts to further break into the blockchain and Web 3.0 space on a large and diversified scale. With roadmap 1.0 and onwards, plenty more is in store for the community as well.

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