Crypto day trading strategies provide the same structure and guidance that have been used over the years across financial markets. Given the volatile nature of so many of today’s digital assets, day trading has quickly become a popular way to take advantage of price swings on an intraday basis.

Before we get into the top strategies that any novice trader can try, let’s first define Day Trading.


Scalping is one of the most popular crypto day trading strategies to make profit in the short term. Scalping requires you to make small, but frequent trades that typically last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. Repeating the process, traders can take advantage of small price changes in markets.

At the same time, you can implement this strategy to leverage both the top and bottom markets.

Crypto daily trading strategy

You can use leverage on most of your trades on most leading cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, Bitfinex, or BitMEX. The full list of digital asset exchanges with a leverage trading here.

Please note: DO NOT trade cryptocurrencies with leverage unless you are fully aware of what you are doing and what risks you face.

Differences between the stock markets and crypto markets

  • Market volatility. Owing to its old age, the stock market is more stable and less volatile. The crypto market, on the other hand, is accustomed to wild price swings.
    It is pretty normal to see double-digit percentage swings in a matter of hours.
  • Market maturity. Age is a significant factor in trading. The stock market has been around for a long time, while the crypto market is only about a decade old.

Crypto day trading strategy

Did you know crypto day trading is one of the easiest and most lucrative ways to make money from the cryptocurrency market? However, as crypto day trading requires an in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology and crypto to avoid unnecessary losses, you’ll need an intuitive trading plan and a winning game if you want to succeed in the challenging world of crypto.

This article can help you resolve all doubts and ambiguities related to crypto day trading, and learn about the most effective crypto day trading strategies.

What Is Crypto Day Trading?

Crypto day trading is a short-term trading strategy involving purchase and sale within the same reading day, but it’s a high-risk venture made possible by the distinct liquidity and volatility in the crypto markets.

Bitcoin daily trading strategy

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How it all started?

Digital currencies have been around for more than a couple of decades in different experimental forms, but the first one to be successfully implemented was Bitcoin.

Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto (pseudonym), who released its whitepaper called “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” [PDF] in October 2008 and launched the network in January 2009.

Bitcoin has spurred a whole new digital coin class that can now be bought and traded on cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide.

Other than Bitcoin, there are other well-known and recognized cryptocurrencies like Ethereum – which is currently trailing Bitcoin in terms of network value; and Tether – which is the leading stablecoin also in terms of network value.

Crypto day trading strategy reddit

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to start trading cryptocurrencies. Once you end reading our guide, you will have all the background information on buying and selling digital assets. There’s a lot to cover in this guide, so let’s dive right in.

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If you want to learn how to trade cryptocurrency, you’re at the right place.
There are mountains of information available on the internet, which could easily overwhelm anyone, including a seasoned trader.

Bitcoin day trading strategy

You can apply different trading strategies in different situations, depending on the nature of the market and your competencies. It is up to you to understand the market and decide when it is appropriate to apply a given strategy.

Here are a few crypto trading strategies you could use to understand how to day trade crypto in more detail.

High-Frequency Trading (HFT)

High-frequency trading is a technique where you take advantage of price changes that occur on the order of seconds or fractions thereof. The frequency in question is routinely on the order of dozens of trades per second—far beyond the capability of a human trader.

The only way to engage in High-frequency trading is using a piece of software known as a trading bot.

Cryptocurrency day trading strategy


Day traders choose scalping crypto because of its:

  • Potential profitability;
  • Ease of automation for bots;
  • Low risk.

Day traders leverage scalping strategies not to get big wins, but to build up dozens or hundreds of little wins. Since scalpers use large amounts of liquidity to take advantage of small price changes over a short period, scalping is a trading strategy with the fastest turnaround.

The time horizon can be a few minutes or even seconds, but sometimes it can take hours. Traders look to capitalize on increased trading volume and make profits by keeping up to date with the current news and future events likely to trigger price movements.
Scalping is one of the best crypto day trading strategies because traders can set up a bot for frequent and high-intensity trades according to technical indicators or signals.


Bitcoin day trading strategy reddit

Successful traders have learned to keep trades free of emotions by sticking to their trading plans.

  • Risk management. Having a trading plan effectively forces you to do the research necessary to create one, and part of that research is the risk factor to consider for every trade. Risk identification is the first step toward risk management.
  • Here are some of the popular strategies used by highly successful traders and investors:

    Day trading and Scalping

    A crypto day trading strategy allows the trader to take full advantage of cryptocurrency assets’ price volatility. As mentioned earlier, virtual assets are currently extremely volatile, which works to the advantage of a day trader.

    The day trading strategy is a game of numbers strategy.

    Crypto day trading strategies reddit

    News and Sentiment Analysis

    This strategy is similar to technical analysis because it involves predicting, but with one significant difference—it’s based on human reactions and actions rather than price trends. With this strategy, day traders try to predict whether demand will rise or fall for some cryptocurrencies by analyzing various information sources to understand the social consensus on the currency and predict people’s actions.

    This data’s sources are mainstream and industry news outlets and social media posts. Some sites try to track the sentiment on the most used cryptocurrencies by reviewing Twitter chatter, as more positive tweets about crypto likely indicate the market is heading upwards, while more negative tweets indicate the market will experience a downward trajectory.


    Crypto day trading strategies pdf

    In addition to price risks, the cryptocurrency space also presents some unique security risks that are not present in traditional financial markets. Security breaches at centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are risks that you should understand.

    Finally, trading fees can be quite high, especially for strategies that employ a very high frequency of transactions. It is important to understand the costs of actually using a trading platform before investing in it.

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    Day trading can be a lucrative activity.

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