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This post is the second in our “Crypto Crime” series, detailing the recent trends in crypto crime and our predictions for the coming year. Sign up here for access to the complete Chainalysis Crypto Crime Report: Decoding Increasingly Sophisticated Hacks, Darknet Markets, and Scams.Fewer scams, bigger revenues: a radically changing landscape for Ethereum crime

In 2018, only about 0.01% of ether was stolen in scams, worth $36 million, double the $17 million take for 2017.
Furthermore, the number of scams declined through 2018, although those that remained were bigger, more sophisticated and vastly more lucrative.

The rise and fall of scamming activity

Ether has long been known as the cryptocurrency of choice for scams, for a variety of reasons, (which we dive into in our full report).

Chainalysis tools aim to help government agencies, cryptocurrency businesses and financial institutions understand which real-world entities transact with each other.

“For example, we can show that a given transaction took place between two different cryptocurrency exchanges, or between a cryptocurrency exchange and an illicit entity, such as a darknet market or a sanctioned organization,” Gronager said.

Paradigm co-founder Fred Ehrsam said his firm was drawn to the way Chainalysis provides key data infrastructure and software for the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

“The team knows the regulatory landscape better than anyone, has been refining their tools for years, and deeply know what their customers want.

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Specifically, we’re working on developing collaboration tools in our suite of software solutions so that public and private sector teams can work together from the same data set to reach a consistent, shared understanding.

  • Access. We’re also providing direct access to Chainalysis data through APIs so that government agencies, financial institutions, and cryptocurrency exchanges can combine Chainalysis data with information from within their enterprises to make better decisions.
  • We believe blockchain data is the asset that can help public and private sector organizations understand the risks and opportunities surrounding this asset class and promote its adoption safely and successfully.

    Crypto chainalysis 100m series paradigm series1

    Chainalysis, a startup that provides crypto investigation and compliance services, has secured $170 million in a Series F funding round led by GIC, a sovereign wealth fund of Singapore. The company, which is known for helping law enforcement nab illicit crypto activities, saw its valuation double to $8.6 billion from its round last June.

    The funding news was first reported by The Information citing a source and comes at a time when investors are scrambling to come to terms with the crypto market crash.
    Total crypto market capitalization has plummeted to a 10-month low, with bitcoin trading below the $30,000 mark on Monday.

    Prior to this new round, the firm had raised $366 million from investors including Benchmark, Accel, Paradigm and Coatue.

    Crypto chainalysis 100m series paradigm series5

    We are thrilled to announce a $100 million Series E financing led by Coatue, bringing our valuation to $4.2 billion. Previous investors Benchmark, Accel, Addition, Dragoneer, Durable Capital Partners, and 9Yards Capital increased their investment in the company, and Altimeter, Blackstone, GIC, Pictet, Sequoia Heritage, and SVB Capital also participated.

    We’re known for building trust in the cryptocurrency industry as the leading provider of software that enables government agencies and private sector businesses across the world to detect and prevent cryptocurrency crime and money laundering.

    Our work is only becoming more important as cryptocurrency enters the mainstream.

    “We’ll continue to invest in investigations and compliance software, but we’ll also build out new data products both for our existing customer base and new audiences,” Gronager said.

    The company is particularly focused on building out its presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

    “Cryptocurrency is global, and so is Chainalysis,” said Gronager.

    To Chainalysis, cryptocurrencies present unprecedented transparency.

    “They are the first global payment systems outside of any one organization’s control, but their blockchains create public, permanent records of all transactions, including illicit activity,” Gronager told TechCrunch.

    Blockchain analysis comes in by helping people interpret those public blockchain ledgers.

  • Chainalysis has raised $100 million in a Series D fundraise.

  • Paradigm conducted the fundraising program.
  • Chainalysis will use its earnings to expand its investigations software services.
  • Chainalysis has raised over $100 million in a Series D fundraising event. Of note, Paradigm led the funding round on April 2.

    As a result, the new funding raised Chainalysis’s value to over $2 billion.

    Besides, not only Paradigm, other investment firms like TIME Ventures, Ribbit, and others also joined the funding event.

    According to a report, Chainalysis will use the earnings to grow and expand its investigations software.

    Chainalysis, a blockchain analysis company, announced Friday it has closed on $100 million in Series D financing, doubling its valuation to over $2 billion.

    The round comes just four months after the company secured a $100 million Series C round at a $1 billion valuation. Paradigm led the latest funding event while existing backers Addition and Ribbit doubled down on their investment in the company.
    TIME Ventures, Marc Benioff’s investment fund, also participated in the latest financing, which brings Chainalysis’ total raised to $265 million.

    This latest round marks Chainalysis’ fourth raise in less than two years. Previous backers in the company also include Accel and Benchmark.

    Chainalysis was founded in 2014 as the official investigators into the hack of Mt.
    Gox, then the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

    This capital will be used to extend Chainalysis’s business to provide enterprise data solutions to:

    • Cryptocurrency businesses and financial services providers that want to optimize their market development strategies based on insights into their customers’ behaviors
    • Asset managers and financial institutions that want to better understand cryptocurrency market trends as institutional dollars flow into this increasingly mainstream asset class
    • Government agencies that need to identify and map connections across datasets to build comprehensive pictures of threat actors that abuse cryptocurrency

    “Paradigm is passionate about investing in companies that enable the future of money,” said Fred Ehrsam, Co-founder, Paradigm.

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