Welcome to this tutorial video where I will be showing you how to create thousands of NFTs using only photoshop a spreadsheet and NO coding at all!

I have multiple tutorials already on variable data and in this video I’m going to combine this technique with designing NFT’s to create thousands of unique .JPG files that can be used to upload to NFT markets like OpenSea.

The downside of this tutorial that there is no option for exporting the metadata. But I will get into some calculation for the rarity.

In this video I assume you already know that NFT’s are but just the be very short: NFT’s are these unique collectable .jpeg files that have been put on the blockchain so you can own and collect them.

(00:00) Start
(00:22) Designing in Photoshop
(04:05) Export the layers as .PNG
(05:47) Setting up spreadsheet
(12:00) Saving as .CSV
(12:23) Generate NFT’s
(16:15) Convert .PSD to .JPEG
(17:20) Calculate and adjust rarity

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