coinbase for terrible customer service after

Worse than a scam…

This is how it works: Get an account in Coinbase or CoinbasePro. Transfer som some money to that account. Do your trading (with pleassure, because it really works very well).

And then:

One day you wake up and you cant log into your account because: “Sorry, account temporarily disabled. Please contact support.” (For security reasons – but they never asked me for permission, and I never asked them to do that.)

Ok, no problem. Just reactivate it – how hard can it be ? You contact support from their contact page – and you get an automated response telling what to do, and in the end saying that when you have done all, you shall tell this to Coinbase by answering the mail you got. Offcourse you do that, and what happens ? You get another mail telling, that mails sent to that emailadress will not be replied (or even read…). Well you send a new message about what happened, and you will get a reply telling that your message is sent to their experts and you can expect an answer/solution within 4-5 working days. (I believe that no matter what you write in that message you will get the same answer – note, that till this point ALL communication has been automated answers from Coinbase…)

So far so good (well actually allready bad…).

Depending on how patient you are, you will probably wait for an answer for 5+ days. Believe me: You will never get an answer!!! – Ok, I can’t guarentee that, but I am still waiting for a reply on my first attempt – wich was made 2½ month ago…

(In my case I have lost like 70% of the value from the time Coinbase disabled my account till today (22 june -21) – and I can still not enter my account.)

After I realized that nothing will ever make them activate my account by the automated support, I tried to find a way to get to write to or talk with a real person.

NOTE: That is not possible!!!

No email and no phonenumber will allow me to get in touch with a person.

I tried to call (US) and found out that they only support people in US. Ok, I tried to call UK and got through – for 1 sec and then the connection was shut down. I tried the same to Ireland, and with exactly the same result as to UK.

Ok, I tried to “cheat” the system: Called US, answered that I was from US (in the very long menu that meets you when you call…) and at some point the menu asked for my phone number, and then I realized that they would call that number, so I would never get in touch with a real person, because Coinbase has made sure it can not happen.

It is worse than a scam, because it is a legal and real business, that anyone should trust, but they just make sure that they can not be reached – exept from US, UK and Ireland (I wonder if that is even possibly – I am not sure), and I am not even sure that they try to make my life a living hell – on purpose, but they do – It might just be the result of incompetence.

I hope offcourse that someone from Coinbase will react on this review, but I doubt that it will happen.

So the only option that is left for me is to sue Coinbase.

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