Today we are talking about several CNFT projects. One is minting right now, during the week and
beyond! That project is called Tavern Squad! We will cover them and we will also talk about the current rise in the CNFT market.

I’ll talk about my strategy during this time in the CNFT space and some things i’m looking at for the CNFT projects currently minting.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:19 – Retro Aliens
2:35 – Retro Aliens CNFT Project Roadmap
4:01 – Retro Aliens Team and more
6:46 – My Strategy for Buying Projects Safely
8:17 – Retro Aliens Discord
9:04 – Derp Bird Future Plans
11:10 – CNFT Volume All-Time-High
12:07 – General CNFT Market Discussion
16:33 – Answering Chat Questions
20:31 – Ending

Projects covered:

Retro Aliens –

Derp Birds –

My Project:

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