Welcome to the site of the first Christmas NFT project «Stoned Santa Polygon»! Now everyone can get their cool Stoned Santa for Christmas absolutely GAS-Free. Everyone should receive their own gift for Christmas – for that reason, at the same time with the unique Christmas project «Stoned Santa», we are opening the first charity NFT fund Crypto Secret Santa and 10% of the proceeds from the sale of each Stoned Santa will be sent for good and kind purposes.

0-500 – 0.02E; 501-2500 – 0.03E; 2501-4000 – 0.04E; 4001-5000 – 0.05E; 5001-6000 – 0.06E; 6001-7500 – 0.07E; 7501-10000 – 0.08E; 10001-12500 – 0.1E; 12501-15000 – 0.2E; 15001-17500 – 0.3E; 17500-19986 – 1E; 19986-20000 – 10E

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