Artist Chris Dyer is a man who’s persona, mission, and brand are intertwined in the pursuits of truth, self-awareness, freedom of expression and elevated consciousness.

One could easily look at Chris’s life now as a world famous artist and think that he’s just one of the lucky ones. He has more success in a traditional sense of the word than most other creatives could dream of. And indeed he is. But that luck, like the rest of his life was largely by design.

Chris Dyer grew up in Lima, Peru where his life was influenced by skateboard, and surfing culture as well as his obsessive love of art and music. As he moved through his life experienced, he overcame substance abuse, violence, and self-doubt and became totally self-reliant.

Chris, as you’ll learn in this episode is a self-made man. He’s got a rare alchemy of right and left brain balance. He’s an anomaly in a lot of ways which makes his story that much more unique.

Dyer is both a free spirited, hippie dippy, free spirited, psychedelic taking, music festival going, wanderer as well as being an extremely analytical and hard working entrepreneur with both the intuition and experience to crush most everything he puts his mind to.

Chris has earned a growing following of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. He’s become recognized for his trippy, colorful, spiritually based and tribally influenced paintings and drawings. Dyer is also celebrated for his massive murals, street art, workshops and has a popular Podcast of his own.

Chris’s latest project, Galaktic Gang is a series of 5,555 NFT’s which has totally been totally killing it on OpenSea. At the time of this podcast, his NFT collection has had a sales volume of over 751 Ethereum. For you non-crypto people, that’s about $2 Million US Dollars by today’s ETH price.

If you’re an artist, entrepreneur, seeking your own path of spiritual truth or just a curious fan, you’ll love this episode.

Please let me know what you think.

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