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We met with Kellan about the NFT space and Crypto. Kellan is beginning his NFT project called Chillin Chameleons that will strictly help ocean life to clean and protect ocean life. This project is going to create a giant movement and you DONT want to miss out. If you want to get into NFTs then consider checking out this project. Kellz goes in depth about what Chillin Chameleons is and the future/longevity that it will have. MUST WATCH!!

00:00 – Intro
05:00 – How Kellan Started on Social Media
12:19 – Entrepreneur Mindset
17:03 – Kellz Big NFT Project
29:42 – Creating Hype Around Chillin Chameleons
36:31 – The Crypto Space


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I am Crypto Presidente, and on this channel we want to stay focused and updated on the crypto market, stock market, macroeconomics and essentially everything that is relevant going on in the world. I am Jon Melillo, and I am a Cryptocurrency investor, digital creator, and entrepreneur.

I believe that blockchain technology is the future and will become a monopoly on the world. We are currently in a bear market, across all markets, but I see that as a massive opportunity to achieve generational wealth. I plan to do the research and invest during these times so we are rewarded immensely when we see the next big bull market, because we know that is coming. Markets are efficient. My channel aims to teach cryptocurrency to beginners as well as update you on everything that is going on in the world that they don’t teach you in school. This channel is also a platform for me to express my opinions and thoughts on the current market. We also go over cryptocurrency news, ETH news, chainlink, XRP, Bitcoin, and many other cryptos. Crypto Presidente talks about ETH, LINK, BTC, VXV, QNT, XRP, Algorand (ALGO), and several other altcoins.

I read off no script and tell you what is on my mind. I try to offer a different perspective and voice that youtube has yet to see. I wish to be up there with other channels like BitBoy Crypto, Crypto Mason, The Crypto Network, Coin Bureau, Bearable Bull, Crypto Casey, Crypto Zombie, or Crypto Kirby, etc.

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