Charlie Bit My Finger video to be sold as an NFT, deleted from YouTube.
You could soon be the proud owner of an NFT that points at a viral video from 2007.
The Davis-Carr family is cashing in on the NFT movement that has taken the internet by storm.
The household is responsible for the viral video from the mid-2000s of Charlie biting Harry’s finger.
With close to a billion views, the YouTube video will be taken down, and instead sold at auction.
News of the auction was announced via the Charlie Bit Me website.
The site offers a brief overview of what the winner will receive.
The winning bid will have the video in its new form as a 1/1 NFT and will also get to create “their own parody of the video featuring original stars, Harry and Charlie.”
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The original YouTube video has since had its title and description updated.
The new title indicates that the video will be removed from YouTube on May 23rd, with the description stating, “I have moved to engaging with Fans through NFT.

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