NKRIKU, Jakarta – CEO Telegram Pavel Durov merayakan ulang tahunnya yang ke-37, Minggu 10 Oktober 2021. Pendiri sistem pesan instan berbasis cloud lintas platform itu membagikan beberapa pelajaran hidup bagi para pengikutnya di hari spesialnya itu .

Mengingat usia 37 tahun, dia memilih untuk membagikan tiga dan tujuh nasihat di platform perpesanan yang dipimpinnya itu. “Saat saya berusia 37 tahun, saya menyusun daftar tiga hal yang kurang dihargai dan tujuh (3+7) hal yang dinilai terlalu tinggi atau berlebihan dalam hidup,” katanya.

Yang pertama dari tiga hal itu adalah tidur. Menurutnya, tidur menduduki puncak daftar hal-hal yang kurang dihargai dalam hidup.

The document specifies that Parekh’s testimony will be taken in London.

On December 16, Telegram Vice President Ilya Perekopsky will be deposed as well. Perekopsky was supposedly in charge of correspondence with investors and will have to be deposed at an agreed-upon location in London as well.

The order further states that CEO Durov’s deposition will be the last, and will take place on “January 7 or 8, 2020” and also compels the plaintiff to furnish Durov – as well as other defendants – with a list of topics for the deposition.

Telegram’s woes began last month when it was sued by the SEC and ordered to halt its proposed token sale, shortly before it was slated to begin.
The SEC said that the GRAM tokens are unregistered securities and due process for the sale had not been properly followed and also that information had been withheld from investors.

Menurutnya, menyewa memberi lebih banyak kebebasan untuk bergerak dan menjelajahi lokasi yang berbeda.

Dia juga menulis poin keenam tentang media sosial, yang dia sebut sebagai aliran sampah yang tak henti-hentinya mengacaukan pikiran manusia dan menurunkan kebahagiaan, serta kreativitas. “Memutuskan sambungan dari perangkat internet ini adalah hal terbaik yang dapat kita lakukan pada hari tertentu,” katanya.

Poin terakhir atau ketujuh tentang hal-hal yang dinilai terlalu tinggi dalam hidup bagi Pavel Durov adalah nasihat selebritas. Dia menuliskan, orang-orang terkenal sering memberikan nasihat yang tidak beralasan di luar bidang keahlian mereka.

Companies on the register must provide the FSB with information on user interactions; starting from 2018, they also must store all of the data of Russian users inside the country, according to controversial anti-terror legislation passed last year, which was decried by internet companies and the opposition.

Telegram has 10 days to appeal Monday’s decision.

‘No planned block’

Asked about a potential block of the service, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Monday said, “As far as I know … there is no discussion of a block at this time.”

But observers like Chikov say the risk is quite high.

“It is not necessarily going to happen right after the decision on the penalty comes into effect, as I believe that the authorities will still take a pause and try to negotiate with the company’s management,” he said.

Telegram quickly filed with the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York to refute the SEC’s claims, insisting that the GRAM tokens were not securities. Regardless, the company did agree to temporarily discontinue floating the GRAM tokens until the court fully resolves the issues.
Telegram also added that it was “surprised and disappointed” at the SEC’s decision to halt the sale and that it disagreed with the regulator’s ruling.

In its initial process with the SEC, Telegram filed a “Form D” application under Exemption 506(c), back in February 2018, which is a filing that allows a company to issue securities if they are only sold to accredited investors.

TON itself, which would include the popular messenger within its digital ecosystem, would be be secured by third-generation blockchain technology.

The announcement turned heads in late 2017, and a leaked set of white papers further generated enthusiasm for Gram’s upcoming Initial Coin Offering (or ICO, the standard method to raise funds for prospective cryptocurrencies). The event went on to raise an unexpected $1.7 billion – at the time, the next most successful ICO raised less than $300 million.

The enormous sum is what initially drew the attention of the SEC.

But even before the SEC declared their intention to take Telegram to court, the project met with numerous delays. Reports at the end of 2018 claiming that the launch was “months away” proved too optimistic.

Privacy-focused messaging app Telegram is a huge hit on the iPhone — but apparently, that love doesn’t go both ways. CEO and co-founder Pavel Durov posted a lengthy comment on his Telegram page in response to a recentNew York Timesreport detailing Apple’s data privacy in China.

“Every time I have to use an iPhone to test our iOS app I feel like I’m thrown back into the Middle Ages,” Durov writes.
“The iPhone’s 60Hz displays can’t compete with the 120Hz displays of modern Android phones that support much smoother animations.”

Oof. Go ahead and tell us how you really feel, why don’t you.

That’s not even the most hard-hitting of Durov’s comments, though.

R. Max Kent | VP Operations & Chief Operating Officer

Max Kent is responsible for cooperate operations and planning, new business development, corporate compliance, security, and major capital project implementation. Oversight includes housing, network wide environment of care, corporate operations, network wide logistics, development, quality assurance, risk assessments, and project planning, corporate communications and government relations.

Kent is an experience developer and healthcare administrator who has held various positions of responsibility that includes deputy executive director for a medical model day care program, as a controlling partner of a medically focused strategic planning and process reengineering firm, and as an associate administrator responsible for the operation of a 100 bed acute rehabilitation hospital.

The case in question involves ‘Gram,’ a proposed cryptocurrency that was planned to be incorporated into the Telegram messenger application. It will be generated within the as-of-yet unreleased Telegram Open Network (TON), a blockchain-based platform that, if integrated into the messenger on launch, will be made accessible to the application’s 300 million users.

This could make it the fastest-adopted cryptocurrency in history.

Such was the original vision announced by Durov at the end of 2017, but its controversial implementation has drawn major criticism from the SEC.

This is nothing new for a tech mogul who, at 35, has already weathered multiple run-ins with the law, particularly within Russia. In the spring of 2018, Russian officials demanded that Telegram’s encryption keys be handed over, otherwise the company would be accused of abetting terrorism.

Giants like Facebook have since pledged themselves to what will likely be an arms race to achieve the first digital currency fully integrated into a widespread social media platform.

Whether or not Telegram will be allowed to compete will be decided in what may very well prove to be one of the biggest cases in the young technology’s history. Little information has been released about the content of the depositions so far, and no announcement of a date in court has been made.

But regardless of the SEC case, or Telegram’s own admission that “Grams won’t help you get rich,” cryptocurrency investors and experts alike are waiting with bated breath to find out if Durov’s latest project will truly be the internet’s next Big Thing.

fikrinin bir ikonu haline gelen köpek için Telegram’da Resistance Dog adında özel bir çıkartma paketi yapılmıştır).

Diğer mesajlaşma uygulamalarının işleyişinin “berbat” olduğunu düşünen Durov, yeni bir mesajlaşma uygulaması oluşturmaya karar verir ve 2013 yılında Telegram’ı kurar. Resmi sayılara göre Telegram’ın 500 milyondan fazla kullanıcısı bulunuyor ve bu sayı WhatsApp’ın gizlilik ilkesi değişimi etkisine bağlı olarak hızla artacak gibi görünüyor.

2011 protestolarından sonra 2014 yılındaki Ukrayna olaylarında da Rus hükümetinin kendisinden Ukraynalı VK kullanıcılarının verilerini istemesine olumsuz yanıt veren Durov’un, bu olay üzerine Rus hükümetine yakınlığıyla bilinen yatırımcısı Mail.ru‘yla da arası bozuluyor ve VK’nın kontrolünü kaybetmeye başlıyor.

KGB) is trying to gain technical access by announcing ultimatums and making threats. While fines levied aren’t too burdensome for a company of Telegram’s size, they do indicate an FSB willingness to block Telegram from continuing to operate in the country.

Third-party hackers

The situation, Chikov said, is similar to legal proceedings that resulted from FBI requests for encryption access to Apple iPhones — a request that ultimately was dropped, leaving federal investigators to rely on third-party hackers.

Secrecy, anonymity and “the ability to communicate in such a way that representatives of the state do not hear these conversations,” should also be respected in Russia, Chikov told VOA Russian.

“Generally speaking, if we are talking on [a conventional] telephone, the conversation is protected by constitutional guarantees,” Chikov said.

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