Today we are talking about the number 1 Cardano CNFT for the day in terms of trading volume! That is Ape Society as it has taken the Cardano CNFT space by storm with a floor price of already 1950 ADA per during the creation of this video! Ape Society is an interesting CNFT project that offers various types of utilities with different types of Apes held through the class system! The Ape Society CNFT project is using the SOCIETY token as their utility token in the Ape Society Project and in this video we do a fully project review!

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Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice!

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0:00 : Intro
1:25 : Floor Price
1:55 : Website Intro
2:10 : Artwork
2:35 : Story
3:10 : Cabins
3:45 : SOCIETY Toekn
4:33 : Classes & Perks
6:21 : Team
7:15 : My Hopes

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