Ameer Hussain is an NFT YouTuber doing good things in this space, we connected a few times on twitter & on discord and we decided to have a chat about his background & the NFT space in general. It wasn’t scripted, just 2 guys vibing about NFT’s and what is happening in the space.

He’s had a big run up, flipping and making some serious money in NFT and he’s also creating a launchpad for the projects he likes the looks of which helps out the people playing close attention to him.

If there are any people you’d like me to interview, jump into their videos and say “Do an interview with Nate” and tag them in on twitter and I’ll line something up and ask the questions you want answered.

Ameer’s Links
YouTube Channel:
Dark Echelon:

0:00 Intro
0:54 Interview
1:07 Amber’s Background
3:52 My Background
7:00 Top 3 Bluechip NFT’s
8:50 Dark Echelon Inspiration
14:46 NFT NYC
17:48 New Comers
21:17 Ease Of Use
23:34 Outro

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