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Earlier today,NYDIG, a leading provider of investment and financial solutions for Bitcoin, announced that they were receiving $200 million in growth capital funding led by strategic partners Morgan Stanley, Soros Fund Management, FS Investments, Stone Ridge Holdings, Mass Mutual and New York Life. FinTech Collective and Bessemer Venture Partners, who previously funded NYDIG, also took part.

Robert Gutmann, co-founder and CEO of NYDIG, said that the participating firms were more than just investors: “they are partners, each well known to us for years.

NYDIG will be working with these firms on Bitcoin-related strategic initiatives spanning investment management, insurance, banking, clean energy, and philanthropy.” He also promised that through the $200 million investment from their strategic partners, NYDIG would deliver “an explosion of innovation in Bitcoin products and services.”

Indirect Bitcoin Exposure Grows

As institutional and retail Bitcoin adoption continues to surge, corporations are seeking new ways to gain exposure to the white hot crypto industry. While some companies such as MicroStrategy, Tesla and Square have opted to hold cryptocurrencies on their balance sheets in lieu of cash, others have looked to take advantage of the growing demand for investment solutions. New crypto-based financial products are undoubtedly on the rise.

For instance, the first severalcrypto-based exchange traded fundsbecame available on the Toronto Stock Exchange mere months ago. If the crypto sector continues growing at the current pace, it’s likely that significantly more capital will flood into the sector.

On a similar note, NYDIG also announced that their clients have more than $1 billion in both direct and indirect Bitcoin exposure. In the past three months, Bitcoin has appreciated more than 170%, compared to the DOW JONES much more modest 5% gain. As the global equity markets slow down due to fears of inflation and rising interest rates, investing in crypto seems more attractive than ever before — for both individual investors and institutions.

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