Here is a list of people that I find influential in the NFT space. But more than that, I call most of these guys friends. They have different styles, different calls, and different ways of teaching you how to find great projects and make better moves in the NFT space.

0:35 Ameer Hussain
0:56 Crypto Gorilla
1:21 NFT Pasta
1:48 Donte Walker
2:19 BentoBoi
2:35 Kosher Plug
2:59 Matt’s Crypto
3:38 Giancarlo
4:22 RyanD Crypto
5:07 Nicky G
5:49 NFT Verse
6:33 Brett Malinowski
7:22 Cade Bergman

@Ameer Hussain

Crypto Gorilla:
@Crypto Gorilla

NFT Pasta:
@NFT Pasta

Donte Walker:
@Donte Walker NFT

Bento Boi:

Kosher Plug:
@Kosher Plug

Matt’s Crypto:
@Matt’s Crypto

@Giancarlo buys tokens

RyanD Crypto:

Nicky G:

NFT Verse:
@NFT Verse

@Brett Malinowski

@Cade Bergman

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