The artist in this video needs no introduction! But that wasn’t always the case. Angela from the team recently sat down with Beeple for an interview during the “NFT In America” Event.

They discuss everything from the origins of his name to his future plans for himself. Beeple also reveals that he’s building something pretty cool down in Charleston, South Carolina, that we can’t wait to see!

If you’ve ever been curious about the man formerly known as Mike Winkelmann before the NFT craze took hold and changed his life along with the lives of countless others, this is a MUST WATCH interview!

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~~~~~Chapters ~~~~~

0:00 – You’ve “probably” heard of me
0:35 – How would you describe yourself as an artist?
1:08 – What is an artist?
1:50 – Is Beeple an overnight success?
3:40 – Why community matters
4:14 – Wtf is a “Beeple?”
5:50 – The value of giving your art away
7:25 – Beeple’s first viral moment
9:26 – That escalated QUICKLY
11:04 – Does Beeple feel lucky?
11:40 – How much was he making before NFTs?
13:40 – Beeple thoughts on NFT haters
16:13 – Did lockdowns affect your work?
17:35 – Beeple’s future plans
19:30 – What popular term is he taking credit for?

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