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In today’s episode, the Boss Planet Metaverse – from the creators of the Boss Cat Rocket Club – goes on sale in just a few hours! We walk you through the entire project including:

– Mint Details (number of plots, price per plot, etc)
– Land and District Sneak Peaks
– Vox Cats (Avatar) Sneak Peaks
– Boss Planet Token Sneak Peaks
– The Boss Planet Development Kit (BPDT) and other building tools
– Boss Cat Rocket Club Charity Donations
– Boss Cat NFT Giveaway

Boss Planet Homepage – https://bossplanet.games/

Boss Cat Rocket Club – https://bosscatrocketclub.com/

Magica Voxel Building Tool – https://www.voxelmade.com/magicavoxel/


00:00:00 Title Sequence

00:00:29 Intro

00:04:30 Mint Details and Summary

00:16:30 9 District and Building Projects

00:27:01Boss Planet Casinos

00:32:28 Building for Boss Planet Now

00:39:34 Boss Planet Token

00:41:21 So Many Rewards

00:45:06 Vox Cats

00:56:14 Boss Cat Raffle and Charity

01:02:21 Wrap Up

01:04:28 Outro

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