What is the Bapes Club NFT project? Are they truly going to change the face of the NFT game? Learn about this project before its to late. How do you get on the Bapes Club Whitelist? Business Apes

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0:00 Intro Bapes Clan NFT project
0:06 Bapes Clan launching on the Polygon chain
0:44 Bapes Clan NFT community
1:10 When is the Mint for Bapes Clan NFT
1:25 What is a Decentralized MetaFund?
1:52 Who is the artist behind the project?
2:12 What makes NFTs worth so much?
2:57 The team, are they trustworthy?
3:20 The Doxxed team behind Bapes NFT
3:54 The opensea is already active for Bapes NFT
4:33 Bapes Clan twitter
5:26 Bapes Clan Instagram
6:09 The Bapes Club LinkedIN
6:29 Women in the NFT space with Bapes Club
6:47 Bapes Clan NFT Discord
7:48 The Bapes Club in the MetaVerse
8:05 An NFT with multiple forms of Utility
8:33 10000 NFTs to mint with the Bapes Club NFT
9:03 IRL benefits of holding the Bapes Club NFT
10:06 Bapes Clan NFT DAO project
10:30 Bapes Clan NFT Roadmap
10:37 Buying land in the Sandbox Metaverse
11:36 The planet of the Bapes Somnium Space Planet
11:52 The Bapes Fund what is this investment fund for NFTs
12:21 The Bapes DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organization
13:29 Investing into the metaverse with NFTs

One of the most important things to remember about the BAPESCLAN™ is that this is not a simple NFT project, NFT drop, NFT game, nor ordinary NFT artwork. There is literally zero room for flipping. The BAPESCLAN™ is working on 1,000+ business partnerships that will produce instrinsic utiliy value from day one.

BAPES™ is a long-term establishment with real and deep business values, rooted firmly into the ground, prior to the drop of the NFTs. We are hence producing the largest “Diamond Hand Factory” in the world. Everything we do in terms of business partnerships, out-of-this-world projects and metavestments, both IRL and in the metaverse, is making sure that the floor is pushed to new hights, never before seen.

After a successful initial drop and all priority metavestments have been made, it is time to launch the largest decentralized metafund ever created. The BAPES™ Metafund(s) are what lies at the core of the BAPES™ DAO, the decentralized autonomous organization. The initial and upcoming metafunds are built up from primary and secondary sales of meta-ownership smart contracts, deployed on the blockchain, in the form of what is known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The fundamentals of the BAPES™ DAO is the distribution of power and wealth powered by decentralized technology, generally called “the blockchain”. This is the first time in human history that we are able to create a solid and long-term foundation for massive metavestment capabilities, never before seen. The beauty with the DAO is that it is all governed by smart contracts working in concert with humans, what is coded into the smart contracts and deployed on the blockchain can never be altered by anyone. In short, this enables us to create large groups of metavestors that can all benefit from metavestments in a secure and distributed fashion, never before possible.

***Do Your Own Research***

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