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By the first week of September, ADA had touched a high of $3 and more than doubled its market cap with over $99 billion. It looked it was finally ready to assume its mantle as Ethereum’s challenger.

However, then started a downward slide in ADA price, perhaps propelled by the realization that it would take some time before all of the promised functionalities to be implemented on the Cardano blockchain. Experts pointed to how a similar timeline for Ethereum had taken over two years. After the hype had been bought, it was now time to sell the reality.

That is not to say that it’s all doom and gloom for Cardano. ADA’s price now seems to have settled in at just over $2, still double what was the case just a couple of months ago. As Cardano edges more and more towards the promised land, ADA will slowly make its way upwards.

Alonzo hard fork cardano date

But, a spokesperson from Cardano clarified to Cointelegraph that the network has had timelock scripts since the Allegra era of the project’s roadmap. These time-locked scripts are used for activities like aiding NFT minting by making NFTs run unique for-instance and multisig schemes.
Smart contracts highly differ from these scripts and cannot be placed “in timelock.”

Hunain Nasser, senior analyst at OKEx Insights — the research team at cryptocurrency exchange OKEx — told Cointelegraph:

“Timelocks are used to protect users from changes made to contracts after they are created. Not all 2,300 or so scripts seen on the Cardano network are actual apps, most of them are minting policies for tokens and NFTs on the Cardano network, and they are time locked to prevent changes.”

However, timelocks can be used once DApps are created and widely used.

Alonzo hard fork cardano

This development phase added a host of new features to Cardano such as a proof-of-stake protocol known as Ouroboros, an incentives and delegation scheme that rewards participants and better hard wallet support.

By offering rewards to those who run full nodes – network participants who download the entirety of the Cardano blockchain – Cardano incentivizes network participation and encourages the growth of the Cardano network.

Since its launch on July 29, 2020, Shelley has introduced two major hard forks: Allegra and Mary. Allegra introduced a token locking mechanism that allows users to lock up Cardano tokens in preparation for on-chain voting (which is expected to roll out in Voltaire, the final development stage).
Mary, on the other hand, introduced token support for Cardano’s Native Tokens (CNT).

Cardano alonzo hard fork release date

This shows that Cardano is 555% more active than Ethereum and 317% than the average of all the blockchain networks connected.

In terms of the total number of developers building a particular blockchain network, Ethereum is still ranked at the top with 168 monthly active developers (MAD). Cardano follows closely in second place with 165 MAD, showing a higher year-over-year increase of 31.8%.
The network already has the functionality that allows the creation of NFTs. According to data provided by Cardano to Cointelegraph, there have been 780,436 NFTs minted on the network.

Such an active developer community is a testament to how fast the network is developing and adapting to the changing needs of the ecosystem.

Cardano alonzo hard fork nedir

The main goal of this era is to make sure the nodes, or individual computers, are run by a diverse group of network participants rather than a small, centralized group of users.

  • Goguen – Introduces smart contract capabilities to the network allowing developers to create decentralized applications on top of Cardano.

  • Basho – Improves the underlying performance of the Cardano network to be able to process more transactions and scale up. This era also introduces side chains, which is a means of scaling a network using multiple blockchains.

  • Voltaire – Adds a voting and treasury system for self-sustaining governance.

    Users will be able to stake their funds to influence future development on the network.

  • Cardano is now in the final stages of the Shelley era.

    Cardano alonzo hard fork

    These native tokens are similar to Ethereum’s ERC token standards and enable users to create and deploy their own tokens on the Cardano blockchain, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

    Cardano operates using its own “hard fork combinator” – a system that combines two different protocols (such as Byron and Shelley) onto a single ledger to ensure a smooth transition between phases. One problem that Cardano developers saw with hard forks was that after a hard fork was agreed upon, there would still be a considerable segment of the community that did not switch over to the new version.

    That may have been because they disagreed with changes or just because they didn’t bother upgrading. Either way, the combinator allows nodes to run multiple versions at once, meaning transitions are seamless and updates are frictionless.

    Alonzo hard fork on the cardano mainnet

    This milestone has been hailed as the point in the development of the network where the “mission truly begins.”

    However, the news of the execution of this milestone didn’t prevent the network’s native token, Cardano (ADA), from falling into the wider slump that has gripped the crypto market since Bitcoin (BTC) flashed crashed below $43,000 on Sep. 7. In the aftermath of the Alonzo hard fork on Sep. 10, ADA dropped 10% to hit an intraday low of $2.3 while BTC and Ether (ETH) only fell 4% and 6.97%, respectively.

    Marie Tatibouet, the chief marketing officer of crypto exchange, told Cointelegraph:

    “This changes everything for Cardano! For the longest time, Cardano was known as the smart contract platform without the smart contracts, but now the critics will have to change that narrative.

    Cardano alonzo hard fork time

  • Cardano makes more promises with the protocol able to accept smart contracts.

  • There are no functional smart contract dApps that use the Cardano network as their core layer.
  • Developers have yet to find a eUTXO workaround, which was brought up during the Cardano testnet stages.
  • Cardano’s en-fanfare protocol upgrade, which saw the network gain smart contract capabilities, is yet to reach the “Ethereum-Killer” status, however, Cardano’s research-oriented development and implementation approach is gaining traction. With smart contracts being brought to the fore, new products, including NFTs and DeFi, are expected to soon be realized, as promised during the 2021 Cardano Summit.

    Cardano alonzo hard fork price prediction

    They say that in the market, you buy the hype and sell the reality. Cardano (ADA) is finding that out the hard way.

    A month ago, Cardano touched an all-time high at just over $3, propelled by news of its Alonzo hard fork that launched Plutus-powered smart contracts.

    It was a development that had been widely anticipated in the cryptocurrency community for months. The smart contract functionality eventually targets allowing users to create decentralized applications and mint Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Cardano blockchain.

    With one of the most active developer communities, the Alonzo hard fork was meant to take Cardano to the next level. Which it did. For a while.

    Cardano, which was trading at just over a dollar towards the end of July, suddenly sprouted wings and started an upward climb.

    Cardano alonzo hard fork date and time

    Charles Hoskinson announced that he would be touring Africa and meeting with start-ups being built on Cardano.

    What’s more, Cardano views Africa as a catalyst to help Cardano win the long term DeFi battle. Insider notes that Hoskinson is pushing Cardano in an untapped market after it had already collaborated with the Ministry of Finance, and a move towards the financial sector could add the high sought after volume that Cardano still needs.

    IOHK’s CTO, Romain Pellerin, noted that Africa represents a chance for the network “to design the new system,” and enable the underdeveloped African market to use the Cardano network along with stablecoins and other blockchain products.

    Notable Mentions

    The idea of Cardano dethroning Ethereum will only become possible when usability is an applicable feature for Cardano in the blockchain landscape.

    Cardano alonzo hard fork ne zaman

    Moreover, according to an Outlier Ventures report, Cardano is the most active development blockchain. The report notes over 701 Github repository commits per month.

    In contrast, the average number of monthly repositories are 107 commits per month (CPM).

    On The Flipside

    • Technical difficulties have postponed the launch of several dApps on the network.
    • Charles Hoskinson and the Cardano team accused media outlets of spreading false information about the eUTXO issue.
    • The Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) mentioned Cardano in their digital assets report.

    Some Things Never Change

    Cardano is arguably the best network out there at maintaining presence, despite postponing the release of its smart contract platform.

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