A FORMER nurse turned OnlyFans model makes $250,000 a month sharing videos from her sex life with her husband – but the mom-of-three insists they are still just a “normal family” like any other.

Allie Rae, 37, from Boston hit headlines after she left her job as a senior neonatal nurse last year when her colleagues discovered her racy side gig and allegedly reported her to management.

The mom, who has three sons aged 18, 17 and 12, was faced with an ultimatum – nursing or OnlyFans – and decided to quit her vocation of 15 years, but has “no regrets”.

Now she’s making more money than most do in a life time and loves that her husband and former airline worker, Steve, 38, is involved in the process.

But the model insists that, when not on camera, they are just a regular couple and family.

“My husband has always been very supportive of what I do and when I had to leave my hospital job it was a joint decision to go full-time with OnlyFans,” Allie told Jam Press.

“And even though he’s in video content with me he doesn’t want any limelight. He hates the camera and doesn’t show his face, just his parts.”

“We live a very normal life for the most part.

“Steve and I don’t film every day; maybe two or three times a month.

“The rest of the time we are just parents who run a business from home.

“Our kids have chores, we watch movies together, go to dinner, they get grounded – just like the average family.

“Doing OnlyFans has afforded me the opportunity to be home with my kids so much more.

“As an example, as an ICU nurse I was rarely ever home for the holidays, the past Christmas was the first time in years that I was actually there with them. It made my heart melt.

“We also travel a lot and have seen places we might’ve not had a chance to see otherwise.

“Our favourite spot is Cap Cana in the Dominican Republic and we also love Hawaii.”

Steve previously worked for an airline company but quit his job two months ago due to uncertainties caused by the pandemic.

Steve said: “Leaving my job with the airlines was one of the weirdest feelings.

“I certainly didn’t need to be there financially anymore, because we were doing so well online but I really enjoyed what I did.

“The truth is that Allie Rae needed help here at home with the business but just with the back end stuff (no pun intended).

“I play a big part in helping keep her on track too.

“She tends to want to overwork herself, and she sometimes forgets to just stop and relax.

“It’s been amazing getting to get up and spend time together every day since we both used to work so many hours.”

The couple were worried about how their family and friends would react to their unusual set-up.

Allie Rae said: “In the beginning, we were incredibly scared and went to great lengths to keep our activities a secret.

I think there’s an initial judgement on Steve more so than there is on me as a woman, like – ‘are you ok with your wife doing this?’

Allie Rae

“I think there’s an initial judgement on Steve more so than there is on me as a woman, like – ‘are you ok with your wife doing this?’

“I think people want to put him into a category that he must be submissive but that’s the total opposite, so he has to fight those pre-judgements from people.

“We’ve told our friends and they think it’s really cool.

“I mean, I only have sex with my husband and I only film sex with my husband so who could hate on someone who gets to do that and make money from it?

“We’re going to be having sex anyway so why shouldn’t we make money from it?

“I think it’s a pretty sick gig.”

Her former colleagues weren’t the only ones to turn their noses up at her side hustle.

Allie Rae said: “Aside from my old colleagues, who exposed me at work, we have lost a handful of friends – some of them just stopped talking to us overnight.

“Our true friends and family know that nothing else has changed, we’re very much the same people.

“My little sister and her husband are very supportive, she’s even helping out with the admin side of things!”.

OnlyFans has also brought the couple closer together, with Allie Rae and Steve both agreeing they often get “carried away” when filming.

She said: “We are very down-to-earth people.

“There’s so many times when we intend to film a video but we get carried away in the moment of our own thing that we throw the camera to the side.

“Everything we film is very candid and real, we don’t fake it, it’s our point of view.

“At the end of the day we’re husband and wife and very much in love.”

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