Alien Frens NFT has had one of the most successful launches out of any project to date. From the original mint price, this project has had roughly a 100x gain to date within 3 months of launching.

With influencers such as Gary Vaynerchuk promoting it constantly, it’s no wonder why Alien Frens has done so well.

If you are looking for a great long term hold, I suggest Alien Frens as a blue chip play.

Plush frens is one of the upcoming nfts to look out for in 2022. This artist helped create one of the most successful projects to date and looks to do the same with this one.

If you’re looking for nfts to buy in 2022 and missed out on Alien Frens during the launch, make sure to follow @plushfrens on Instagram for updates.

♦️ For access to Plush Frens whitelist, make sure to comment Instagram handle below.

Note, ONLY @plushfam will send you a message. If you get a DM from any other handle this is NOT plush frens.

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