Yup, that’s right, some A.I. art generators are getting pretty crazy indeed! I recently came across this application/ A.I. algorithm called WOMBO dream, which is insanely good at creating really cool artworks from keywords. The crazy part is that it only takes a few seconds for it to run. It’s getting to the point where A.I. art looks like real art.

In this video, I competed against the art generator, WOMBO dream, by plugging in keywords from my existing artworks into the algorithm. In the end, I compared my artworks with the ones that the A.I. art generator had generated. Watch the results at the end.

This application is completely free to use and it’s pretty easy to learn as well. And if you are into NFTs, I think you’d find this art generator really interesting.

➤➤ Chapters:

0:00 Intro
0:33 Art generator
1:03 First artwork
2:22 Different version
3:12 Second artwork
4:12 Different version
4:42 Outro

Check out the A.I. art generator here: https://app.wombo.art/

Type: Photo Manipulation vs A.I. generated art

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