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One of the projects that 6ix9ine has undertaken since his release was an NFT project this year, which the rapper promoted on Instagram (the post has since been deleted), telling fans that a total of $100,000 from the project would be going to various charities. Token owners would receive royalties from the NFTs, too. However, a Rolling Stone report, in which fans who purchased the NFTs were interviewed, claims that this entire thing was a scam, which may not come as a surprise to people who have been familiar with 6ix9ine over the years. A 26-year-old crypto investor, identified solely as Jacob, told the publication that he spent an estimated $40,000 on the project, but he says that many of the promises made by 6ix9ine and the project’s organizers have been ignored. According to him, royalties have not been delivered, a boxing game that was teased in addition to the NFTs was never unveiled, and there is no proof of the philanthropic donations that the rapper promised.

The NFTs are reportedly not living up to their value, and Jacob isn’t the only person that is pissed off about the alleged scam. According to a report from Complex, multiple purchasers of the Trollz NFT project have complained on a Discord server dedicated to this specific project.

6ix9ine has not addressed his NFTs being an alleged scam, as he appears to have distanced himself completely from the project.

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