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league of kingdoms is a massively multiplayer (MMO) strategy game universe that is centered around building kingdoms and governing the world. Here the player can build a powerful kingdom and army, forge alliances, compete against others, and trade digital assets across the blockchain.

About the drop
This is a special ‘’ themed, limited-quantity legendary NFT skin for the League of Kingdoms game franchise. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be an owner of these ultra-rare NFT skins. Skin items in the game have the boost of game stats (stat boost amount & category are randomly provided).

Adding to that, Skin items in general provide the uniqueness of the game player. This drop is the first collaborated skin NFT collectibles from the League of Kingdoms game. Its symbolic and static benefits with Skin NFTs will provide the best game experience to NFT users and League of Kingdoms game users.

To use your newly acquired skin and play League of Kingdoms, please withdraw the NFT to your non-custodial wallet (eg. DeFi Wallet or MetaMask) and go to

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