The future of Music Ownership will be in the hands of artists and fans. In the next chapter of the music business, fans will be part-owners of their favorite artists’ music. It’s the fans that create opportunities for artists by supporting their music, shows, and merch, and it’s the fans that’ll have the ability to take an artists music to the highest level. 3lau now gives power to his fans through his new music ownership marketplace Royal, where fans can earn royalties from the music they love.

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I’ve booked, promoted, and produced over 2,500 shows with the world’s biggest promoters (Live Nation and AEG Presents) and independently. Here is more about my background –

What’s that sound?
I have Tourette Syndrome, which is why you may hear a regular vocal sound. My producer calls it Jazz. I have quite a few tics and have had Tourette Syndrome since I was 6 years old. To learn more about Tourette’s or support research for Tourette Syndrome, please visit

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