Here are 3 interesting NFT plays that I am in! the first one is called Space Poggers. the second is called Apeswap NFA. the third is Polygon Punks. Out of the 3, I am probably the most excited about Polygon Punks because I got a decently rare Zombie that I think I could sell for up to 10k. Let’s see what happens though!

Here are links to the nft plays:
Space Poggers:
Polygon Punks:
Polygon Punks Marketplace NFTrade:

If you want to buy/view my zombie Polygon Punk here is link:

⏩Skip Ahead:
-Intro: 0:00
-Space Poggers: 0:39
-Apeswap NFA: 1:54
-Polygon Punks: 2:11
-Polygon Punks Marketplace: 3:44
-Thanks for Watching: 5:28

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