Take A Look At The Rules He Wants His Or Wives Or Girlfriends To Follow
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If the difference between weird and eccentric is money, Elon Musk moved from weird to eccentric long ago. The controversy-tweeting billionaire has a longer list of must-haves rivals than even Leonardo DiCaprio, who also prefers young blondes. Some of the tech mogul’s demands are quite reasonable; like getting along with his kids, or not starting drama with his exs, but others are quite strange – must have blonde hair seems like a shallow enough preference, but what about not being allowed to cancel plans? Or that Musk refuses to sleep alone, and requires a younger partner to become a trophy girlfriend? The Tesla CEO has always wanted a ‘soulmate” and is very serious when it comes to dating. Not interested in flings, Musk is seeking someone who can work around his busy schedule, and love his children, He reportedly “doesn’t like being lonely”, refuses to sleep alone, and is persistent when it comes to chasing romance. Musk is reportedly a very caring father, and always ensures his partners are cared for, even post-breakup. After having five children with his first wife, and marrying the same woman twice, Musk has dated an impressive list of stars – From Cameron Diaz to Amber Heard, and current partner Grimes, with whom Musk shares a son. It is no secret that the billionaire inventor prefers younger partners, and while he will discuss his profound loneliness, there are a few things Musk will not discuss, even with long-term partners. To rank as potential girlfriend material, Musk only requires a few things, like having blonde hair, an artsy career, and to prioritize his career.

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Written by: Marlena F
Narrated by: Lanessa Tremblett
Edited by: Steven Suñe

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