In this video we talk about my NFT strategy that has treated me pretty well so far! I’m not the best NFT investor by any means but I have been on a pretty good roll of finding projects that seem to have a good team and community behind them which is really what makes the difference when it comes to NFT’s. A few of the projects I have done well on are Lazy Lions, The Doge Pound, and Ape Gang. We go over a few more in this video and there are many more in my collection. Some of them are long term holds and other I have just bought and flipped for between 2-5x my initial investment! What I show in this video is basically what I use to find NFT projects and then dig into them a little deeper to make my final deccision.
REMEMBER: Not all of them are going to be winners and you don’t need to make 10000000% on your initial investment to make money AND MOST IMPORTANTLY NFTS ARE SUPER RISKY AS AN INVESTMENT SO MAKE SURE YOU DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND ONLY PLAY WITH WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE
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